Build Slots

What do we want?  Huts!

When do we want them?  Now!

Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements, draw up a plan, quote and reserve your build slot.  Every project is unique but we ask for a deposit to cover the manufacture of your chassis (usually around 10%), then a payment on starting the build (around 40%), then as the build progresses we may need 1 or 2 further payments before a final payment on delivery.

Builds normally take 2-3 months.

Smaller projects, modifications and stove installations can usually be fitted in around these projects.

The calendar is currently looking like this:

July – October 2021 – The Cornish Cabin (11m x 2.8m tinyhouse) – check out our instagram or facebook @hutbuilderuk to see how this is progressing

October 2021 – Jan 2022 – unavailable

Feb 2022 – Bird’s Farm Double decker bus!

late March/April 2022 onwards – available

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